100% LEGAL

We are Registered and Bonded. Don't take chances with credit repair services who are operating illegally.


Some credit repair agencies can only get negative items removed temporarily. We offer a permanent deletion warranty.


Our first step is to audit the credit bureaus and your creditors using The Fair Credit Reporting Act and The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Using Strict Verification By-Laws, we manually Hand Write most letters to the credit bureaus. Additionally, it is required that some of the letters be Typed.

More importantly, some of the letters are sent to addresses that are not even published.

We utilize Unpublished Guidelines, Regulations and our Expertise and Insider Know How that very few, if any, other law firms or credit repair companies have access to.

Our methods are different from 98% of our competitors. Most credit repair companies or law firms only send out dispute letters which is something that you, the consumer can do for free.

The problem with dispute letters is they seldom have any effect and if by chance something gets removed, then 9 times out of 10 it will reappear on your credit report within 30 to 60 days. We use proprietary methods so that our program results in permanent removal.

By law you have the right to question any information on your credit reports that you think may be inaccurate, untimely, misleading, incomplete, unverifiable, biased or unclear. If an item cannot be verified in a timely manner, then it must be removed. If your credit reports contain unverified and questionable negative and derogatory information, click here now for a free consultation with one of our credit specialists.